secretcover“Secret Providence: A Guide To The Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure”

Where in Providence can you…pay homage to the birth of sideburns?…visit a Vampire grave?…see a tree that ”ate” a state founder?…get a glimpse of a 58-foot blue bug?…spend the afternoon at the home of America’s longest-played baseball game?…explore a castle in the middle of the city? You’ll find all these unique – and often little-known – landmarks, attractions and hidden gems and more inside Secret Providence: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. Whether you’re interested in Rhode Island’s haunted, hysterical, surprising or somber, Secret Providence, gives you insider access to all the mysteries you never knew the city was holding and takes you on a tour like none you’ve seen before. Founded to establish a community of and home for visionaries looking to break free of rules and the status quo, Rhode Island has a deeply rebellious history and those who call it home have always celebrated its spirit of individuality and embraced its welcoming of the offbeat and unique. This scavenger-hunt type guide to the state’s capital city and beyond is an exploration of the weird, wonderful and obscure odds and ends that continue to make it an idyllic spot for uncommon living.

100 Providence Cover

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100 Things To Do In Providence Before You Die

Little Rhody, as its residents affectionately call Rhode Island, is a small state with a lot to offer and that’s especially true in its capital city of Providence. Well-known for its eclectic culinary and arts scenes, Providence is also rich in history, culture and entertainment, offering visitors of every age and interest the ability to create their own adventure. 100 Things to Do in Providence Before You Die is the perfect guide for all city travelers, whether you’re visiting for the first time and want to know the best places to dine, learn and relax or you’re a die-hard local looking to make sure you’ve truly done it all. This guide includes all you need to know to have a wonderful time in Providence and offers insight into what makes our city the Creative Capital.